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Experience Clarity and Sophistication with Gatsby Glass Banner
Experience Clarity and Sophistication with Gatsby Glass Home or Office Glass Solutions in East Tulsa, OK
The Gatsby
Where Sophistication Meets Glass Installation
  • Custom Solutions
    From concept to creation, we tailor our solutions to mirror your vision and elevate your home or office project.
  • Financing Available
    Achieve sophisticated design effortlessly with flexible payment plans and 0% financing, subject to approval.
  • Customer-Centric Approach

    We prioritize our customers in all that we do - ensuring we meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

  • Innovative Technology
    Visualization technology allows you to see how your home may look before making a purchase.

Custom Glass Services in East Tulsa, OK 

Enhance Your Space with Our Glass Design Services

Welcome to Gatsby Glass of East Tulsa, OK, where elegance meets excellence. Dive into a world where your creative vision blends perfectly with our dedication to craft. We create custom home or office glass that brings your dreams into reality, adding a touch of sophistication to your home or business in East Tulsa.

At Gatsby Glass of East Tulsa, OK, we're here to go above and beyond your expectations with our personalized design consultations, skilled craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service. Whether you're considering custom glass shower doors, mirrors, railings, partitions, walls, wine rooms, or more, we're excited to help you discover all the possibilities for your space. Plus, with our visualizer tool, you can get a sneak peek of your project before we even start. Let's bring your vision to life together!

Discover the Beauty of Custom Glass! Call (918) 212-5557 or schedule a consultation online with our East Tulsa glass designers!

Why Choose Custom Glass for Your Property

Here's why you should consider custom glass products for your East Tulsa home or business:

  • Increasing visual space: Glass tabletops, shelves, and mirrors make any room appear larger by taking up less visual space than other materials and reflecting light beautifully.
  • Highlighting the right things: Strategically placed mirrors can reflect and emphasize desired areas or objects, while glass shelves offer a sleek way to display collectibles without obscuring them.
  • Easy maintenance: Unlike wood and other materials, glass is incredibly easy to clean and maintain in pristine condition, staying stain-free with minimal effort.
  • Flexibility: Tailor your glass decor to fit the exact size, shape, and style you envision for a truly personalized space.
  • Energy efficiency: Custom glass doors and windows can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills, making your space more comfortable and eco-friendly.

Discover the Impact of Custom Glass in Your East Tulsa Space

At Gatsby Glass of East Tulsa, OK, we firmly believe that the perfect glass design can effortlessly elevate any space, turning it into a haven of creativity and openness or a sophisticated and productive office environment. 

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Gatsby Glass of East Tulsa, OK
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Meet the Owner Behind the Glass Jeff Lamb

Jeff Lamb owns and operates Gatsby Glass in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jeff has lived in Owasso his whole life. He loves raising his family in a growing community that still has a small-town feel. It’s the kind of place where he can take his kids to the donut shop on Saturday morning and listen to the men talk about the high school football games on Friday night.
Jeff is excited to bring the superior quality and sophistication of Gatsby’s glass solutions to his friends and neighbors in ...

Jeff Lamb - Owner
"Gatsby Glass did a great job!
Rana M
Elevate Your Space with Our Custom Glass