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Rain Glass Shower Door vs Clear Glass: Comparing Styles

Put the finishing touches on a perfect bathroom renovation by installing a clear glass or rain glass door. Both doors remain popular with homeowners, albeit for different reasons. Discover the benefits and drawbacks of each type of door below.

What Is a Rain Glass Shower Door?

A rain glass shower door is a type of door that has a textured surface on the inside and a rain pattern on the outside surface. It provides better privacy than clear glass doors but requires more attention to detail when cleaning it.

Pros of a Rain Glass Door

Rain glass creates a spa-like environment, making the space feel like an escape from daily life. But it also provides more privacy, hides water spots, and lasts a long time.

Provides More Privacy

For houses with many residents, textured glass doors will deliver more privacy. These types of glass doors do not block out the light entirely and still preserve the modesty of the person in the shower.

Requires Less Cleaning and Maintenance

Rain glass doors will conceal dried water droplet marks, fingerprints, and soap scum that can collect on shower doors.

The textured glass means homeowners do not need to clean their shower doors as regularly as clear shower doors, which is crucial if they lead very busy lives.

Impressive Durability

Etched glass resists breakage almost as well as other types of glass. If the glass does break, it tends to shatter into many small pieces, presenting less of a danger than regular glass.

Etched glass also works well for a frameless enclosure.

Creates Soft Lighting

Rain glass will refract the light that passes through the door and create an intimate atmosphere in one of the most personal spaces in the house.

A frosted door can also become a statement piece in a bathroom.

Cons of a Rain Glass Door

A rain glass door comes with a few trade-offs. Without strategic lighting, the extra privacy makes a bathroom appear smaller and darker.

Contracts Room Space

Rain glass shower doors can seem like they take up considerable space in bathrooms because they are not see-through like regular glass.

In a small bathroom, this effect can make the area seem even more cramped.

Darkens the Bathroom

Although frosted doors offer privacy in a house with multiple children and family members, the framed versions block out more light than frameless shower doors.

The best choice will strike a balance between privacy and visibility.

What Is a Clear Glass Shower Door?

Transparent glass doors have become the latest trend because they appeal to modern property owners who want to add a touch of elegance to their homes. Their versatile functionality also appeals to many people. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of clear glass doors.

Pros of a Clear Shower Door

A clear shower door makes a bathroom brighter and more spacious by allowing light into the shower enclosure. It offers several other benefits as well.

Creates More Space

Used in the most trendy and modern designs, clear shower doors create the illusion of spaciousness in bathrooms.

A clear door can even make small bathrooms look bigger than their actual size.

Integrates With Any Design

Homeowners do not need to consider the design of a clear door when decorating their bathrooms because shower doors with low-iron blend in with any bathroom decor. The transparency of the glass goes with any home or office design.

Lightens Up Your Bathroom

Clear glass shower doors brighten up the whole bathroom by allowing more light to reach the shower enclosure.

If the bathroom has a window and bright-colored tiles, a clear glass door will make the space seem more open.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The smooth, clean appearance of a clear door is aesthetically pleasing to almost all consumers. The doors will enhance a bathroom’s decor without overwhelming other features.

Cons of a Clear Shower Door

Due to its clean, sleek appearance, a clear shower door requires extra cleaning. It also provides less privacy than frosted or tinted glass.

Little or No Privacy

Clear glass shower doors in shared bathrooms of large families offer little privacy.

If many people use the bathroom in the morning, then a clear glass door will not provide enough privacy for the person showering.

Requires Regular Cleaning

Clear glass shower doors show smudges, fingerprints, and hard water marks much more clearly than frosted glass shower doors.

It takes frequent cleaning to keep this type of shower door looking its best.

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Now that you know the pros and cons of clear and rain glass doors, which one will you choose? Our shower glass experts can help you find the perfect clear, rain, and frosted glass shower doors. Call Gatsby Glass at 866-GLASS-64 to schedule a free consultation today!