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The Top 8 Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms

Knowing the current shower door styles can inform your bathroom interior design decisions. When selecting a door for an undersized bathroom, steer clear of doors that limit space or restrict maneuverability. Instead, choose one of the following eight best shower doors for small bathrooms.

1. Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot shower doors swing like hinged doors, but take up less space because the pivot point is near the center. They enjoy increasing popularity amongst homeowners with small bathrooms and narrow shower openings. Their limited space requirements make them a practical choice.

This shower door adds elegance to traditional, cottage bathrooms and remains versatile enough to suit modern showers. They allow for a 180-degree swing, and installers can mount the pivot hinge in the center if needed.

Before purchasing a swing-out door, always allow a professional glass installer to measure the space to ensure sufficient clearance. A pivot-hinged glass shower door may require custom cutting, and the cost will depend on whether you select a framed or frameless design.


  • Swing-in feature available
  • Stylish, sleek design
  • Trackless design


  • Requires customization
  • Tight ingress and egress

2. Hinged Shower Doors

A hinged shower door consists of swinging glass panels, similar to traditional doors. They see a lot of use in separate shower stalls but require ample space to swing outward.

Inward-swinging hinged doors work well with limited space. Unlike pivot doors, hinged shower doors only open in one direction, much like a bedroom door. Most hinged doors have a frame to rest against when closed, which may require extra maintenance and look less stylish than pivoting doors.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Suitable for shower/tub combos
  • Broad selection of styles


  • Opens in one direction
  • Extra cleaning

3. Frameless Shower Doors

A frameless shower door delivers a high-end, contemporary look that creates a sense of spaciousness in a small bathroom. These enclosures typically use sturdy, tempered glass, approximately ⅜ inches to ½ inches thick, eliminating the need for metal frame support along the edges.

The frameless door design allows a bathroom’s beautiful stonework, intricate tile designs, and shiny hardware to take center stage. Unlike framed doors, frameless options require little maintenance because they lack the tracks and seals that accumulate water residue.

Frameless doors may have metal components such as clips, hinges, and handles. They come at a higher price than standard metal-framed models, and ensuring proper installation remains essential to prevent leaks.


  • Stylish and contemporary
  • Enhances brightness and spaciousness
  • Unobstructed views


  • Luxury pricing
  • More leak opportunities

4. Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

A semi-frameless door adds a modern, classy touch to a bathroom. While visual obstructions present a minor inconvenience, this type of shower door frame achieves a harmonious blend of style and affordability. To enhance the aesthetics of a bathroom, choose a semi-frameless pivot door with ⅜-inch tempered glass and a height of 76 inches.

For an affordable, modern look, consider a semi-frameless shower door with metal framing around the enclosure but not the door panel. Semi-frameless doors are an excellent alternative to a fully frameless design because they are more secure while maintaining a sleek appearance. To make your semi-frameless door more functional, choose one with high-quality features like permanently bonded hinges, solid handles, and a glass coating.


  • Affordable
  • Partially unobstructed
  • Contemporary design


  • Gaps may allow leaks
  • High price

5. Framed Shower Doors

A framed shower door will often have composite material around the glass with hardware made of brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or gold plate. These doors offer better water resistance, keeping your bathroom floor dry.

Other framed doors have a sturdy heavy-duty aluminum metal frame for strength and support. While they may not look as striking as frameless shower enclosures, the fully sealed construction minimizes the likelihood of leaks.

This style makes a bold statement that complements both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Framed shower doors also come at a lower price point than frameless models.


  • Low price
  • Minimal leakage
  • Durable glass


  • Limited visibility
  • Metal frame deterioration

6. Frameless Sliding Glass Tub Doors

For a practical, modern design that suits a shower bath, consider a frameless, sliding glass tub door. A sliding door opens on track wheels inside a stainless steel track bar, providing convenient entry and exit.

This type of shower enclosure gets installed on the bathtub rim instead of the floor. It represents a contemporary, fashionable option while preserving the bathtub’s functionality. A seamless installation on top of an existing tub delivers a hassle-free, easy-to-clean upgrade.


  • Sophisticated curtain alternative
  • Minimalist and modern
  • Preserves bathtub functionality


  • High price point
  • Customization required

7. Standard Sliding Shower Doors

A sliding shower door, known as a bypass shower door, operates by smoothly moving back and forth on twin rollers, providing easy access to the shower. Sliding shower doors come in various sizes to fit most shower enclosures, making them a popular option for smaller bathrooms. Because they slide open and closed, sliding doors have a smaller footprint than traditional doors.

Glass sliding shower doors operate on secured tracks attached to the floor or ceiling, making them a top choice for long, narrow bathrooms. However, a shower enclosure must have sufficient width for one sliding shower door to move completely to the other side.


  • Affordable
  • Space saver
  • Long-lasting


  • High maintenance
  • Tracks might corrode

8. Bi-Fold Shower Doors

A bi-fold shower door creates a wide opening without taking up a lot of space in a small bathroom. These doors use tracks and get installed in a shower stall or on top of a tub. A bi-fold shower door will typically have a framed or semi-frameless design and fold inward to create an opening.

This shower door represents an outstanding option for small shower openings and an alternative to glass pivot doors. The frameless models have a sleek, stylish appearance. While installation may require a custom cut and special hardware, these doors are generally more affordable than fully frameless glass shower doors.


  • Space-saving design
  • Robust construction
  • Versatile aesthetics


  • High price point
  • Minimal leakage

Clear Glass vs. Textured or Frosted Glass

Put the finishing touch on your bathroom by choosing either a clear or frosted glass shower door. Many homeowners prefer clear glass doors because they make small bathrooms look more spacious. However, some people still prefer the privacy of textured glass. Discover which type of shower door is right for you!

Clear Glass

Clear glass shower doors are best for homeowners seeking a sleek, tidy aesthetic. They cost less than frosted doors and make a cramped bathroom look brighter and more spacious. A clear glass door requires regular cleaning with a squeegee to preserve its flawless appearance.

The transparent nature of a clear door eliminates privacy and highlights hard water stains. Nevertheless, it’s easy to clean compared to textured alternatives.


  • Spacious, open feel
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean


  • Frequent maintenance required
  • Lacks privacy

Textured or Frosted Glass

Choosing frosted or textured glass for a shower door enhances privacy and visual allure. Several options exist, including frosted, etched, patterned, or tinted designs, all of which require less frequent maintenance than clear glass doors.

A sliding shower door often uses textured glass, as do frameless and pivot doors. While frosted or textured glass shower doors might be more expensive than clear glass doors, they are stylish and attractive.


  • Enhanced privacy
  • Low maintenance
  • Several design options


  • Challenging to clean
  • Low light transmission

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