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Is Glass Railing Safe? Top 5 Safety Benefits Explained

Discover how safe glass railings are before you buy! Tens of millions of homes and office buildings have glass railing systems already in place. But are glass stair railings safe?

Let’s discuss five reasons why a glass railing is safe for family, friends, guests, and customers.

1. Tempered Glass

Modern glass stair railings consist of tempered safety glass to protect property owners and guests. Unlike your typical glass panel, tempered glass is heat-treated to improve its surface strength and control its breaking pattern.

Tempered safety glass is 400% stronger than its untempered counterparts and will not break into dangerously sharp glass shards like a drinking glass would. If a glass stair railing suffers accidental blunt force and breaks, the tempered glass falls into pieces, creating mostly harmless cubes.

2. Solid Panels

A glass railing system is safe because it uses solid glass panels. When installed correctly, the railing has no holes or gaps large enough for children to get their heads, arms, or legs trapped. Similarly, the panels extend almost all the way to the floor, preventing anyone from falling off the stairs or balcony.

The big glass panels of a glass stair railing kit provide enhanced visibility as people make their way up or down the stairs. The increased field of view lessens the chances of a collision on a spiral staircase because people can see when others are coming from above or below.

3. Hard to Climb

All parents know that kids love to play on stairs. Children often climb wooden and metal railings to slide down the top rail or handrail. Thankfully, glass railings prove especially difficult to climb for small children.

The tempered material used in glass railing systems is flat and smooth, making it too slippery for most kids to climb. Also, children will find no footholds to give them a boost onto the top rail. And if they decide to climb the railing anyway, parents can see the kids through the glass before they make any progress.

4. Immune to Pests, Rust, and Rot

One of the best reasons that glass railings are safe is that they are completely immune to pests, rust, and wood rot. While other materials degrade and require replacement after several years, glass railing systems do not. Decay-free glass resists rot, corrosion, and pests.

Wood attracts pests like termites and other borers, which undermines the structural integrity of the railing. It also begins to rot if it does not receive proper maintenance. Similarly, metal corrodes or rusts when exposed to oxygen and moisture. Glass railings are low-maintenance and highly resistant to most environmental factors.

5. Sturdy Metal Hardware

One of the things that makes glass stair railings safe is their sturdy metal hardware. High-quality fasteners ensure the glass remains securely attached to the newels. Premium metal components improve the load-bearing capability of glass railings as well. Some of the most important parts of a glass railing system include:

  • Rails
  • Wall anchorages
  • Newels
  • Rail supports
  • Flanges
  • Glass clips

When installed correctly, glass stair railing systems will last for years, withstanding heavy use, minor impacts, and other forms of stress. The premium metal, glass, and other materials will give you peace of mind that no one will injure themselves, and you will not need to replace the railing for as long as you own the property.

Check Out the Glass Railing Systems From Gatsby Glass

Now that you know the safety benefits of glass railings, upgrade your home or business staircase with the latest railing options. We specialize in the professional installation of custom railings for residential and commercial use. Call Gatsby Glass at 866-GLASS-64 to schedule a free consultation today!