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Customized Quality Mirrors with Gatsby Glass

Custom Mirrors Installation & Design in Milwaukee, WI

Mirrors bring more than just functionality to your Milwaukee, WI home - they add layers of depth, elegance, and allure to any interior. At Gatsby Glass of West Suburban Milwaukee, WI, we specialize in providing mirrors that match the unique style and decor preferences of Milwaukee residents. Our expert design consultation and smooth installation process guarantee a satisfying experience from beginning to end!

Why Choose a Custom Mirror for Your Milwaukee Home?

Standard mirrors may be readily available, but they lack the personalized touch that can transform a Milwaukee home into a standout living space. The benefits of opting for a custom mirror include:

  • Enhanced Brightness: Strategically placed mirrors can boost both natural and artificial lighting, brightening up even the smallest spaces making them appear lively and inviting.
  • Spatial Enhancement: Overcome the limitations of compact areas with mirrors that create an illusion of space, offering a more open and spacious feel.
  • Artistic Expression: From elegantly framed options to unique custom shapes, a custom mirror serves as an eye-catching centerpiece that exhibits your personal style.
  • Luxurious Ambiance: Incorporate features like LED backlighting to add a sophisticated glow to your space, enriching its overall mood and appeal.
  • Customized Sophistication: Crafted specifically for your Milwaukee home, custom mirrors complement your existing decor seamlessly, reflecting your refined taste.

Maximize your custom mirror's presence with our Ultra Pro Ice system, designed to preserve its pristine condition and beauty with minimal upkeep.

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with the bespoke charm of custom mirrors for your Milwaukee, WI residence. Contact Gatsby Glass of West Suburban Milwaukee, WI at (262) 383-4077 for a free design consultation and start experiencing the difference today!


"I was blown away by the level of quality and professionalism I experience with Gatsby Glass. I will not hesitate to hire his company again for my other bathroom when the time comes. Thank ..."
Shane W
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